Wednesday, March 31, 2010

TLU remix buzz

Hey y'all...You can now get Codebreaker's Thieves Like Us remix for FREE at full 320 bitrate, thanks to recent features in RCRDLBL:
"it's Codebreaker's four on the floor funk that catapults the track into another stratosphere."

and TILT Magazine:
"This remix is huge and has a very sexy feel to it."

Not to mention a nice review chiming in from PDX's Monorail blog:
"French imprint, deBonton asked them to give this Thieves Like Us track the Codebreaker make-over, and they turned it into a dark, building, twisted piece of late-night funk-house. choice."


Monday, March 8, 2010


This is a new monthly i'm doing with a few other folks in the mid-west. It kicks off this Saturday.
We found a nice little venue for it akin to a 70's ski lodge. All in all, I think it'll prob end up looking like that party scene in the 1984 ski-sploitation film, Hot Dog.

Here's the Facebook event.

Do it to it.