Saturday, November 21, 2009

nobody walks in LA, they dance.

Last night I played an awesome monthly called, Shits & Giggles. Lights, fog, booming sound, liberated diversity & a love for all things four on the floor. It was a full house & the crowd was really receptive.
The club was nice, but not too nice. While there, I concluded that lavender lights look best on a disco ball...the whole layout looked cosmic, funky & goth. I know, doesn't make sense unless ya see i snapped off the image up top.
Tomorrow morning I fly back to HQ work get back to work with Sage on a new Codebreaker E.P., several other remixes, payin rent & the hustle...
The hosts of the party, Victor Rodriguez & Chris Bowen were just great hosts & great people.. what a refreshing vibe the whole affair was.

P.S. Oh yeah, never fly US Airways, they shipped my records to the wrong city after forcing me to check in my records in (which never has happened). They refused to give me any compensation or at least credit for the mis-directed check in...
I guess that 30 bucks doesn't ensure your goods are going show up at the airport you are scheduled to arrive.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Finding near perfection in San Francisco

Last night I ended up spinning last minute with 40 Thieves & Lee Douglas at what apparently is normally a chach nightclub, Vessel in downtown SF.
40 Thieves & I bonded after dropping Zena Dejonay's, "Find A Way (dub version) & Lee Douglas's set hypnotized me with pulsating uplifting afro chant, proto house. The crowd size was modest, but inviting...rather have that than a large audience with bad requests & high octane print tee's.

I also got to spend much overdue time with two of my best friends, BT Magnum & Black Shag (of Beat Electric)
After sleeping in yesterday morning, I drank green tea while being wholly mystified by my hostess's cable, a commodity that exited my life several years ago in a financial scale down.
As I contemplated the shocking resembelance of Nancy Grace's head to that of an imploding peacock, or those old SNL's skits parodying Torri Spelling, BT Magnum rolled up and took me for lunch to Turtle Tower. In short, Turtle Tower was the jam pho sho.
We spent the rest of the afternoon, checking out record shops and obsessing over a fellow Milwaukee native's cassette tape.

The night before that, I spun at an awesome weekly, Chilidog! at The Triple Crown. The resident/host Stanley, was super cool, positive & just great energy. The dance floor full and the vibe all in all was on point. Black Shag even cameo'd with charmingly assholish one liners as only a brit can do...

Well, tonight it's onto SoCal... San Diego for a party called Nobody's Perfect, then to my final west coast destination in Los Angeles for a Shit's N Giggles....

Friday, November 13, 2009

the tracklisting

The train ride from Seattle to PDX is REALLY nice & pleasant. Everything in Portland is screaming autumn right now, so vibrant, animated and it makes me so happy. So much so, that even all the white kids with dreadlocks seem endearing.
I took the photo above while walking around this morning.

Anyway, I'm spinning at Holoscene tonight for the infamous Monorail party. It's refreshing to see vibrant, non cynical party people just makin it happen.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the track listing for "Together We Can Be Free"

1.) Feel Like Dancin' - Robby Love feat Charlotte Mckinnon
2.) Dynomite - Euro Funk
3.) Glad To Know You (12'' Version) - Chaz Jankel
4.) Jabdah (12" extended version) - Koto
5.) Turn The Music Up - The Players Association
6.) Burning Love - Glossy
7.) Sixty Nine - Brooklyn Express
8.) Hypnotic (dub mix) - Faze Action
9.) R.I.M.L. (DDR Labs Extended Mix) - Codebreaker
10.) I'm Only Shooting Love - Time Bandits
11.) Anybody Wanna Party? (12" Remix) - Gloria Gaynor
12.) Fondamente Nove - Bottin
13.) Void Vision - Cyber People
14.) Follow Me - Codebreaker
15.) San Francisco feat. DD (Fred Falke Remix) - Citylife
16.) My Love Sees You (Classixx Remix) - Beni

Saturday, November 7, 2009

New mix!

Music should always feel like new best friend, I not only wanted to move dance floors, but also embrace the listener. Make people feel ya know, warm & free....
From me to you I give my official mix, "Together We can Be Free" premiering exclusively on Monorail.

Enjoy & warmest regards,

I hit the road on a series of west coast tour dates in support of Codebreaker's "Follow Me" & "Together We Can Be Free" starting November 11th...

Tour dates are as follows, see you soon!

November 11th
Hard Times @The War Room
722 E Pike St
Seattle, WA

November 13th
Monorail @Holocene
1001 SE Morrison
Portland, OR

November 17th
Chilidog! @The Triple Crown
1760 Market Street
San Francisco, CA

November 19th
Nobody’s Perfect @ The Office
3936 30th St (between Lincoln Ave & University Ave)
San Diego, CA

November, 20th
Shits N' Giggles @ The 3100 Club
659 S. Westmoreland
Los Angeles, CA