Saturday, November 21, 2009

nobody walks in LA, they dance.

Last night I played an awesome monthly called, Shits & Giggles. Lights, fog, booming sound, liberated diversity & a love for all things four on the floor. It was a full house & the crowd was really receptive.
The club was nice, but not too nice. While there, I concluded that lavender lights look best on a disco ball...the whole layout looked cosmic, funky & goth. I know, doesn't make sense unless ya see i snapped off the image up top.
Tomorrow morning I fly back to HQ work get back to work with Sage on a new Codebreaker E.P., several other remixes, payin rent & the hustle...
The hosts of the party, Victor Rodriguez & Chris Bowen were just great hosts & great people.. what a refreshing vibe the whole affair was.

P.S. Oh yeah, never fly US Airways, they shipped my records to the wrong city after forcing me to check in my records in (which never has happened). They refused to give me any compensation or at least credit for the mis-directed check in...
I guess that 30 bucks doesn't ensure your goods are going show up at the airport you are scheduled to arrive.

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