Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Follow Me To Your Dreams.

Codebreaker's back with a criminally infectious 12" single release,"Follow Me"
"Follow Me" manages to harness the best qualities of italo funk, disco, electro & early filter house, all under one roof...
So much so, that it grabbed the attention of
The Juan MacLean, Bottin & The Outrunners for remixing duties.
The group's brainchild/frontman Steven Hawley describes the single,
"Shamelessly anthem-ic, warmly futurist & magical."

Limited edition 12" vinyl format is available now:
The release is out now worldwide on itunes, amazon, juno, napster etc...

Here's the first round of reviews:

"Out of everything they've done so far, I don't think anything else summarizes their sound, that melding of sleek, Chic-influenced guitar funk, with spacey, hyper-infectious electronics more perfectly than this. There's something about their sound, and their sound on this single, particularly that manages to be effortlessly current and forward-looking, yet at the same time genuinely authentic in it's tribute to the past and it's quest for the purest musical high."

"Codebreaker follows up their awesome debut 12" with an infectious slice of electro italo that's just begging to be played at peak-time. The Midwestern disco producers drop serious arpeggio bass and catchy-as-hell synth melodies all over "Follow Me" with a vocoder hook that'll totally ingrain itself in your brain."

"Follow Me" is stone cold electro soul with a really great hook -- a cut that bubbles with lots of cool vocoder bits and 80s synth -- the kind of track that could have crossed-over big back in the day, and which makes a very welcome return to our ears today!"

Codebreaker are leading the way in 2009, Follow Them.

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