Thursday, November 19, 2009

Finding near perfection in San Francisco

Last night I ended up spinning last minute with 40 Thieves & Lee Douglas at what apparently is normally a chach nightclub, Vessel in downtown SF.
40 Thieves & I bonded after dropping Zena Dejonay's, "Find A Way (dub version) & Lee Douglas's set hypnotized me with pulsating uplifting afro chant, proto house. The crowd size was modest, but inviting...rather have that than a large audience with bad requests & high octane print tee's.

I also got to spend much overdue time with two of my best friends, BT Magnum & Black Shag (of Beat Electric)
After sleeping in yesterday morning, I drank green tea while being wholly mystified by my hostess's cable, a commodity that exited my life several years ago in a financial scale down.
As I contemplated the shocking resembelance of Nancy Grace's head to that of an imploding peacock, or those old SNL's skits parodying Torri Spelling, BT Magnum rolled up and took me for lunch to Turtle Tower. In short, Turtle Tower was the jam pho sho.
We spent the rest of the afternoon, checking out record shops and obsessing over a fellow Milwaukee native's cassette tape.

The night before that, I spun at an awesome weekly, Chilidog! at The Triple Crown. The resident/host Stanley, was super cool, positive & just great energy. The dance floor full and the vibe all in all was on point. Black Shag even cameo'd with charmingly assholish one liners as only a brit can do...

Well, tonight it's onto SoCal... San Diego for a party called Nobody's Perfect, then to my final west coast destination in Los Angeles for a Shit's N Giggles....

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